Preventative Care

Helping you maintain a healthy smile

A combination of plaque build up and a sugary diet will cause the teeth to decay, whereas an accumulation of plaque around the gums will result in inflammation and gum disease. In addition, acid erosion often from soft drinks and fruit will cause your teeth to soften and wear more easily.

Establishing a good oral hygiene routine and good dietary habit is essential for a healthy mouth, teeth and gums.

At Crescent Dental Care, prevention plays an essential element of our patient care as we believe that prevention is better than cure. OUR preventative approach with continuing care means less dental decay and fewer fillings, less likelihood of tooth decay, more attractive teeth, reduced costs, helping to keep your teeth for life and an increased confidence in your smile.

Our aim is to give you all the support, advice, encouragement and treatment you need to keep your teeth healthy as long as possible.


We encourage you to regularly visit our hygienist/therapist, Rebecca who will give you the preventative care and advice you need to maintain a clean and healthy mouth. Rebecca has increased her sessions to 6 a week to help you access her hygienist services more easily.

As well as cleaning plaque and tartar off your teeth, she will advise you on sensitivity, tooth brushing, interdental brushes and flossing as well as mouth washes and fluoride varnish. She will ensure that you are brushing effectively, thus treating any existing gum conditions and helping to prevent problems from arising.


We encourage parents to bring their children as young as babies to visit us regularly for dietary advice and preventative care to give their oral health the best start in life. We can advise on tooth brushing instruction and dietary advice. We can monitor for early signs of dental decay or acid erosion and provide the appropriate care and treatment. In addition we promote preventative treatments such as fissure sealants and fluoride varnish.

Fissure sealants

Sealants are a safe and simple way of protecting your children’s teeth from decay. A sealant is a protective plastic coating, which is applied to the biting surfaces of the back permanent teeth. The sealant forms a hard shield that keeps food and bacteria from getting into the tiny grooves in the teeth and causing decay.

We start applying sealants as soon as the first molar teeth erupt which is from around 6 years onwards.

As a preventative measure, we encourage all children to have their molar teeth fissure sealed.

Fluoride Varnish

Flouride varnish can prevent tooth decay and also arrest the development of early caries (tooth decay) by strengthening the tooth enamel. The varnish is simply painted on the tooth surfaces several times a year. The fluoride works best on teeth that are still developing so young children are ideal candidates. As we believe that fluoride varnish is a very important and effective preventative treatment, we encourage most children to join our Flouride Varnish Programme.

Dental erosion

Dental (acid) erosion is the loss of the outside surface (enamel) caused by acids primarily from soft drinks and fruit. The acids soften the enamel which is then more susceptible to wear from normal chewing, grinding and tooth brushing. With the very high consumption of soft drinks and sports drinks today especially among children and young adults, signs of dental erosion are becoming increasing common. Our dentists take dental erosion very seriously and are always on the lookout for early signs of erosion. It is important that dental erosion is treated early to prevent it getting worse, so regular dental checkups are vital.

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