Cosmetic Dentistry

White Fillings

White or tooth coloured fillings provide a healthier more natural alternative to traditional silver or amalgam fillings.

Amalgam fillings have long been the filling material of choice for dentists as they are safe, affordable, durable and long lasting. However, their appearance can be unsightly, and over time they corrode and turn rough and black. They also weaken the tooth making the tooth prone to fracture.

White fillings are a resin composite material, these are bonded to your teeth, come in a multitude of colours to match your teeth, and they feel and wear like natural teeth. Since they bond to the tooth, white fillings restore most of the original strength of the tooth. They also require less tooth removal so less drilling.


Veneers can dramatically and simply change the appearance of your teeth, often with very little tooth preparation.

Veneers are delicate layers of porcelain or resin custom-made in the laboratory and designed to cover the front surface of your teeth to cover stains, chips and cracks, to close up small gaps, and to make irregularly shaped teeth look even. They provide a natural and life-like appearance to your smile.


Crowns have been around for many years and act as a cover or ‘cap’ for heavily filled, damaged or unsightly teeth. For the front teeth, crowns are often made of porcelain which is bonded to metal alloy to give it strength.

Recent innovations allow the use of all porcelain crowns such as procera and emax that have excellent strength without the use of metal. These metal free crowns have improved translucency and they capture and reflect light like natural teeth. In addition they do not display any of the ‘greying’ around the neck of the tooth sometimes associated with older types of crowns.

With their excellent aesthetics, these all ceramic crowns look and feel so natural that no one will even know you have them!


Bridges are used to permanently replace the space left by a missing tooth or teeth as an alternative to a removable partial denture. There are several types of bridges from simple adhesive bridges that require little or no tooth removal to more complex bridges that require preparation as for crowns of 2 or more teeth. We will discuss the best option for your particular case. As with crowns, bridges can now be made from all ceramic porcelain that look and feel great.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a simple, gentle and effective way to get a brighter, whiter smile – without removing any of the tooth’s surface.

As we age, our teeth may begin to discolour and appear yellow and stained. The natural ageing process and your lifestyle (such as drinking tea, coffee, red wine, and smoking) can impact the colour of your teeth. Tooth Whitening will help to gently remove most stains, helping you to recapture a youthful white smile.

We use the Nite White Professional Take Home Whitening System with custom made laboratory bleaching trays to gently whiten your teeth. We recommend use of milder bleach over a longer period to reduce the possibility of sensitivity and gum problems sometimes caused by some bleaching systems.

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