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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy refers to the use of physical methods to assist recovery of damaged tissue to help guide restoration of normal function.

Types of Conditions treated

The majority of pain and restriction that does not originate in the brain or body organs is most likely treatable by a physiotherapist.

Typical Conditions

  • Neck or Back pain – with or without associated leg pains
  • Sports injury – muscle strain or ligament sprain
  • Joint pains – arthritis, trauma/ injury
  • Postural pain – work strains

I also specialise in improvement of scar tissue conditions, such as surgical scars or other scar tissue caused by injury. I am one of a few therapists in the North East who has trained and practised techniques to improve scar conditions.

What to expect

A thorough initial assessment session is required to aid diagnosis and determine your therapeutic needs. This shall entail a detailed history of the condition suffered and specific tests performed to aid diagnosis.

Once a diagnosis has been reached your physiotherapist shall plan and follow a treatment program tailored for your individual needs.

Treatment techniques

The more common treatment techniques involve:

Hands-on: mobilisations, manipulation, soft tissue techniques
Hands-off: advise and exercises, sports specific rehabilitation, ultrasound therapy

Your Physiotherapist

Our physiotherapist is Edd Shaw, with over 10 years post qualification experience you will receive expert care from a professional who will listen, assess and provide thorough advice and treatment to your needs.

Opening Times

Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday Evening 19:00-20:30
Friday 14:00-17:15
Saturday (soon to come) 08:30-12:30


Initial Assessment: 30-45minutes £35.00
Treatment session: 30minutes   £30.00

Special Offer

£10 off your first session.

To Book Your Appointment

Tel: Crescent Dental Care on 0191 4604182
Alternatively, for more information/advice visit www.northeastphysio.co.uk