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Clear Step

Clearstep Orthodontics

Clear Step™ is a breakthrough in orthodontics and here at Crescent Dental Care in Newcastle Upon Tyne we offer a range of orthodontic solutions (Six month smiles, Clearstep and Inman Aligner) for our patients to give them choice. Clearstep straightens teeth using a series of 'clear' easy to wear positioners, like thin rugby or sports guards. Clear positioners have been utilised worldwide by thousands of dentists and orthodontists. They have been proven to be effective both in practice and research.

How does the system work?

Clear Step™ uses an advanced laboratory procedure developed over the last five years. The system combines the diagnostic and treatment planning expertise of the dentist and couples it with the new plastic Clear Step™ system of positioners.

The system moves teeth in precisely planned and accurate incremental steps using a series of custom-made clear positioners.

Patients wear each positioner for an average of two weeks, moving their teeth gradually week by week, millimetre by millimetre into the desired final positions.

before and after photos

Clear Step™ Advantages

  • The positioners provide nearly ideal aesthetics as they are relatively invisible.
  • All you can see is a slight gloss or sheen from the surface of the positioner. Because they are so good looking you will not be worried about being seen out in public.
  • The positioners are comfortable to wear and allow you to clean your teeth normally.
  • You can remove the positioners for eating so you can eat what you want and where you want. No need for dietary restrictions.
  • You can take the positioners out for business meetings or social occasions. We only request that you wear your positioners for 20 hours a day on average.
  • Less mouth ulcers as there are no sharp wires or brackets to cause irritation.
  • There is little danger of tooth damage or gum disease as the positioners are taken out for cleaning and tooth brushing.
  • No likelihood of enamel decalcification or white spot damage common in fixed appliance treatments.
  • Protects the biting surface of the teeth reducing enamel wear and abrasion from grinding/clenching.

If you are concerned about the alignment of your teeth, would like to improve the appearance of unwanted gaps and spaces between your teeth with orthodontic treatment or require teeth straightening treatment in Newcastle Upon Tyne then contact us at info@crescentdentalcare.org.uk or by calling the practice on 01914 604182 for a FREE orthodontic consultation during which we can discuss the most suitable orthodontic options for your needs and to suite your budget.